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We Are the Greeks of Japan

Bringing Japanese and Greek culture and people together

The people that are working behind the Greeks of Japan group. Find out about us and if you wan to know more please feel free to contact us anytime.


Christos Makiyama

Christos is representative of Greeks of Japan which he co-founded in November 2011. He is born in Japan from a Greek father, and a Japanese mother and spent his childhood in Greece and Cyprus. He is a tech-entrepreneur, mentor, loves art, cooking and a marathon runner.


Ioannis Lantouris

Ioannis (aka Yannis) was born and raised in Athens Greece. After finishing his studies in the ACG (American College of Greece) and working for a few years in Athens he decided to move on abroad. He moved to Tokyo in 2018 where he owns a small wine importing company. He loves travelling, food, wine and arts. 


Konstantinos Makoto Suwamoto

Mako was born in Greece from a Greek father and Japanese mother. He grew up in Greece, studied in the UK and moved to Japan in 2013. Currently serves as Executive Director of the Greek Chamber of Commerce in Japan. Interested in international business, the social sciences and marketing technology.

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